Tradition is important because you receive untainted, intact, traditional healing treatments. Contained within every treament, session and conversation is 51 Generations of unbroken spiritual healing knowledge, wisdom and skill passed from Kumu to Haumana - teacher to student - as it has been done for centuries. It’s important because not every student makes it through the rigorous training which continues for a lifetime.

At True Nature we acknowledge and honour our 51 Generations of Ancestors including Kumu Ioela Kao’o, teacher to Anake Harriet Ne who was teacher to Kumu Hula Anakala Pilipo Solatorio, who in turn was teacher to Kumu Pa’a Lawrence Kalainia Kamani Aki, who was teacher to Kumu Pa’a Kawika Foster. Kumu Lawrence is teacher to Julia Nalani Adams.

It is with the blessing of Kumu Hula Anakala Pilipo Solatorio that Kumu Lawrence was able to bring these teachings out of the Valley of Halawa Molokai, the home of our lineage, so you can experience them. Mahalo Uncle.



Kumu Lawrence is the 50th generation of traditional Hawaiian knowledge teachers. He has been a student of Kumu Hula Pilipo Solatorio for 30+years. His Uniki was in 1998 (to tie/the knowledge is bound to the student) and the title of Kumu Pa’a given to him by Kumu Hula Pilipo Solatorio. Vested to share the rich knowledge of Hawaiian Culture and Ancestry with the world, he offers rare insights to the beliefs & practices of traditional ancestral knowledge. Kumu Lawrence teaches from Hawaii via his online classes each month. You can join too. Meet Kumu Lawrence on Facebook or learn more



Kumu Kawika is the 51st Generation of teachers in our lineage. He lived with Kumu Lawrence in Halawa Valley Molokai during his training and from 2010 travelled with Kumu Lawrence sharing the teachings worldwide. At his Uniki in 2016, he was given the title of Kumu Pa’a by Kumu Pa’a Lawrence Aki. Find Kumu Kawika:


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Julia Nalani Adams is of Polynesian descent and can trace her ancestry to Tahiti. A former Executive, she lives her life and carries out her healing work in accordance with the traditional teachings of the lineage of her teacher, Kumu Pa'a Lawrence Aki. Her work and her life cannot be separated. She has committed her life to learning, preserving and teaching the ancient wisdom of Hawaii because it is seriously needed in these modern times. When you work with her you will experience the aloha - the unconditional love - the Ancestors have for you. More