New Book: Hawaiian Spirituality Mini-Series - Book 1: The Hawaiian Understanding of Wellbeing

The teachings of Kumu Pa'a Lawrence Aki are a gift to humanity. There is so much misinformation and misinterpretation of deep Hawaiian Spirituality. It's refreshing to have the original teachings given by a traditional teacher with the bona fides to actually share the Spiritual Teachings for no other reason than to ensure their true meaning and intent is not lost or distorted and they remain available to everyone who has the interest to learn. Highly recommended for teachers and students of Healing”.

Hawaiian Spirituality Mini-Series is a collection of short, sharp and to the point Spiritual Teachings from the Lineage of Kumu Pa’a Lawrence Kalainia Kamani Aki from Halawa Valley Molokai. Halawa Valley is recognised as the primary site of a thriving community of Hawaiians who lived there long before the arrival of Europeans, and hundreds of years prior to the migrations of the Tahitians. Kumu Lawrence is a descendent of these original inhabitants of Molokai.

In this mini-series he shares the richness of the authentic, original teachings of Molokai free of any distortions and misrepresentations. The internet is alive with all sorts of fanciful claims about Hawaiian Spirituality, what it is and how it is used. Sadly, like so many Indigenous Cultures across the world today, a large number of Indigenous Hawaiians have not grown up in the purity of their Culture and so they also do not know their original Spiritual Teachings and their own language.

They unknowingly contribute to the growing number of myths about Hawaiian Spirituality, Culture, History and Healing. As the series unfolds you will learn the true, untainted Teachings from one of the oldest teaching lineages in Hawaii - more than 50 Generations of Indigenous knowledge and wisdom comes alive in these teachings from Kumu Lawrence. Kumu sets the record straight about popularised myths such as Huna, Lemuria, Mu, I’o and more, by giving you the direct, correct information about what these concepts and teachings actually are. Then you decide how you are going to put them into practice in your daily life.

Because that’s what the teachings are all about - living a life of no separation from what you might call Spirit, the Universe, God or other Spiritual Deity that’s important to you.

Breaking from the tradition of only Oral sharing and teaching, Kumu has decided to commit some of the Lineage Teachings to writing because of the dire situation in the world. He did not reach this decision lightly as there are many risks to committing the teachings to writing. However, he knows these teachings hold the answers and guidance for people seeking to live a life of wholeness. And it is wholeness and cohesiveness that is what is required. At this time we all need to be moving back toward global inclusiveness.

You will love the simplicity of each of these books. Kumu doesn’t waste time on flowery imagery or fluffy words. He takes you directly into the depth of the teachings. The gentle directness of the sharing leaves you in no doubt that here is a genuine teacher without intention to deceive for personal gain. As you read each page his honesty and sincerity shines through, with each word evidence that Kumu person is exactly what he says he is - a traditional teacher of Hawaiian Culture, History, Spirituality and Healing.

Available as an E-Series, you can find the series on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and ibooks. These books help fund Kumu’s teaching work.

PS - Now, if something about this review sounds kind of familar that’s because Kumu Lawrence is my teacher. You can go over and read more on our About Page.