Are You Full of Poisons? How Stress Fills Your Body With Toxins - 9 Facts

There are two types of stress: Eustress - the good kind that helps you get things done and then there's Distress - the bad kind that leads to overwhelm, anxiety, insomnia, conflict, addiction, depression, illness, infertility and more.

Make no mistake, chronic stress, that's stress that goes on for a long time, is a killer and it sneaks up silently literally chewing away at you from the inside out.

Did you know that stress produces actual toxins that do terrible things to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health?

Many people don't put STRESS and TOXINS together, but here's what's really happening and why you just can't afford to ignore it:

1. Changes Your Genes - there's not a system in your body that it doesn't poison in the end. It inflames your genes which raises the risk of really serious disease.

2. Causes Brain Damage - to the parts of the brain you need for learning, memory and communication.

3. Shuts Down Your Immune System - increasing vulnerability to infectious and autoimmune disease

4. Kills The Energy Cells Need To Stay Alive - it kills the mitochondria which is the energy your cells need to keep functioning and to keep you functioning.

5. Increases Cravings For High Fat, High Sugar Foods - more Cortisol gets produced which artificially makes you feel hungry, hungry that is, for foods that are high in fat and sugar.

6. Increases The Thickness of Artery Walls - which puts you at risk of blood vessel disease. Often there are no apparent symptoms and it just sneaks up on you.

7. Messes With Your Hormones - reduced sex drive, irregular period, breakouts, hair loss, poor digestion, insomnia, decreased fertility, weight gain...and that's only part of the list.

8. Bad For Bones As Well As Muscles - threatens your bone density and bone strength as well as creating toxins that stiffen and tighten muscles.

9. Increases Bad Bacteria In Your Gut - did you know you have two brains, one in your head and one in your gut. An unhappy gut directly affects how you think and feel and vica versa.

It's crazy, but unfortunately, most of us know what to do to fix the problem. The thing is, we tend to ignore our stress, yet little by little, it's eating away at us in ways that we don't even see.

So it's time for you to really think about holistic practices for life care.

You know where I'm going with all of this, but it's true...LOMI LOMI addresses each one of these nine conditions because it works on all the body's systems and on your mental, emotional and spiritual levels as well as your physical. That's why I try to get clients to come every 4-6 weeks, or at least by every 8 weeks, because I don't want you to be at risk of falling victim to these 9 nine threats.

When you turn your focus to learning the "language" of your subconscious you're taking action to heal your stress. How about creating your own stress management plan - include these activities for holistic living: Meditation, Yoga or other Exercise, Prayer, Laughter, Art, Craft, Deep Breathing, Visualisation, Food Combining, Herbs, Connect with Nature, Stress Management Counselling, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage (of course). Doing something proactive, like creating your own stress management plan, means you're owning your stress and getting creatively juicy to get back on track.

PS Counselling is a really good thing to do when you're suffering chronic stress - I 100% promise it will help you. It gives you a whole new perspective and helps you to understand your triggers, patterns and habits and find (and establish) new ways to deal with things. I can help you build a stress management package - stress management counselling, hawaiian lomi lomi massage, meditation, herbal consults and referral recommendations. As always, it’s about closing the gap of inner and outer separation and returning to happy. But you’ve got to come in so I can help you - let’s get started.