Kumu Pa'a Lawrence Kalainia Kamani Aki. Sharing his life experience growing up in the valley of Halawa., Molokai Hawiaii The wisdom of 50 generations of traditional Hawaiian knowledge. Mahalo PF Bentley for capturing Kumu Pa’a Lawrence Aki and his deep aloha on film.

2019 is time to shine and the year of bringing the dreaming into the physical. This year Julia returns to teaching in her online school which is currently under construction. When it is ready it will operate as a Co-operative Foundation by developing projects on Molokai that benefit the community. These projects provide seed funding for community projects, preservation of sacred sites and Ancestral knowledge and setting up community based businesses that are educational, sustainable, wellness based, training and development pathways for Molokai youth. The projects are a means for sharing the wisdom of the Kupuna (Elders) with the community. The Co-op will take an active and consultation role in bringing these projects to life.

When you do a course with the school, after on-costs, your fees go into the projects. You give as you receive and together we will build our ‘ohana (community). Stay tuned - join the newsletter for all the latest updates and be first to launch the school.