This is the traditional practice of Ho’oponopono - a deeply spiritual and therapeutic process traditionally used within families to ensure that conflicts, hostilities and disagreements were resolved and absolutely forgiven, so that no “baggage” or “emotional overhang” remained. In the traditional language, this “baggage” is called Pohaku or stones – the things that weigh you down. We understand that for true healing to occur, all of the stones – the limiting constructs of our experiences must be removed. This is healing.

Ho'oponopono is the process used to make the corrections needed so that you return to the correct alignment for health, wellbeing and wholeness and away from destructive emotions, thoughts and actions. 

It is a traditonal way of making things right within yourself and between you and other people, providing you with a means of returning to wholeness. It re-establishes your alignment creating a state of 'rightness' - within yourself, relationships, family, society, a higher power/s, and therefore our universe.

Ho'oponopono is a conversation between you and Source/Spirit facilitated by the highly trained Luna Ho'oponopono. The goal of the Ho'oponopono session is to find the "stone", that one thing that prevents you moving forward...

Praise - Mahalo

It's Traditional...

That was big shift for me last Friday thank you for your patience and great facilitating. My friends say I look 10 years younger!! I have given them your card!Heather, Ho'oponopono Client

It's Authentic...

"Thank you so much for the session on Saturday morning - it has helped me so much. I am so much clearer on my path now. It has been a huge relief. " Dee, Ho'oponopono Client

It's Indisputable...

I have gained so much clarity out of the healing sessions. I would like to book another Ho’oponopono Session.” Kerry, Ho’oponopono Client

Ho’oponopono Session - 2 hours

NOW is the time to heal those things that are causing you pain and suffering and stopping you from feeling truly happy once and for all.

Ho'oponopono is safe, effective and above all proven - it's still used in Hawaii today to help people resolve issues and faciliate an increase in self-love and self-esteem and a greater sense of purpose and connection.

Because the only goal is to find the “stone” - the thing that prevents you from moving forward - in the process you will examine, clear and heal ancestral lines and any other past relationship connections before moving into the present to heal the stone so that it’s gone forever!

Powerful, profound and deeply spiritually healing, a process takes 2 hours and is traditionally followed by LOMI LOMI to clear out stale energy and old connections and bring in clean, healing and nuturing energy from Source.


Extra Details

Cost: Individual Sessions $200AUD

Add Lomi Lomi: Make it a personal healing retreat - Lomi Lomi often follows Ho’oponopono. In the thinking of our Ancestors Lomi Lomi aids the healing of the physical residue plus it’s a really soothing thing to do. Cost of Ho’oponopono + Lomi Lomi: $400AUD

Time Needed: 2 - 2.5 hours for Ho’oponopono only. With Lomi Lomi added allow 4 - 4.5 hours

Online Sessions: Ho’oponopono Sessions can be online: $200AUD

Gift Certificates: Ho’oponopono cannot be given as a gift.

Couples/Partners: Ho’oponopono is often used to help Couples and Partnerships resolve conflicts. A couples process consists of 2 x Individual Sessions + 1 x Couples Session. These sessions must be paid in advance: $750AUD to demonstrate your commitment to the process.