Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi is the practice of Hawaiian Healing through touch. Although often referred to as “Hawaiian Massage” we refer to it as Hawaiian Bodywork. There are many different styles of Lomi Lomi which can change by family (ʻohana ), regions (called ahupua'a) and island (moku)!

From a land as old as time herself, we present to you the sacred artistry of the Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage in its most pure form. Kept hidden and secret for thousands of years, safe and protected by those who are “island-born”, it has remained clean and untainted. Experience a healing ritual unchanged for hundreds of years

Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is the signature treatment. The holistic and spiritual nature of Traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage, its layers of continual flowing soft and deep tissue massage techniques, is perfect for women .

When everything feels out balance and harmony you feel it physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Stress causes internal toxicity, blocks energy, slowly poisons you and stops you from "feeling good". Traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi gets you back on track:

  • stress and tension is removed

  • fascia is lengthened and muscles rejuvenated

  • toxins clogging the body are eliminated and

  • fresh blood and lymph flow easily again, bringing in new energy levels and feelings of health, peace, happiness and wellbeing. 

  • you feel spiritually realigned, connected and at one with everything

  • breathing and posture is corrected and improved

  • intuition and deep spiritual connection is restored

English words do not capture the true essence of Lomi Lomi Massage as it is a healing experience beyond words. Feel happy, healthy and well with Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi - it's a Relaxation Massage, Therapeutic Massage and a Spiritual Healing. You'll see and feel the difference immediately, results are very long lasting and you'll wonder why you didn't come sooner…BOOK NOW

Praise - Mahalo - More than a massage, it’s an experience…

Be sure...

"I absolutely loved the treatment I had with you.  I felt totally nurtured and that you were holistically looking after my mental and physical health and wellbeing." Deb, Manly

Do it right...

"The massage was amazing. I felt really, really relaxed afterwards. It was just perfect. The atmosphere felt great and I was 100% in the moment."  Elyse, Manly

Feel confident...

“…thank you - you are amazing. After my session Sunday I woke up Monday morning without a headache, the first morning in a month's time. And so it has continued.Anna, Manly


Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

1 hour Traditional Old Style Lomi Lomi Massage $110

Deluxe whole back of body care - this is a whole back of body massage that leaves you feeling relaxed yet vibrant and enlivened.

A combination of lingering essential oil scents, flowing rhythms, patterns and point work helps to clear stress and tension in tight spots along the legs, hips, back, shoulders, upper arms, neck and head. Let your spirit float freely, relieve aches and pains, improve circulation and sooth painful joints and inflammation. This is a one hour therapeutic pamper that helps to balance physical and spiritual wellbeing and redefines back massage. 

2 Hour Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage $160

This is the one you want, the signature Full Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi – warm organic oils, private treatment room, candlelight, soothing music, beautiful aromas, footsteps from nature. Peaceful. Tranquil. Deep healing that woos every part of you into hypnotic, sleep-like relation. This is the full Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage - the signature treatment - excellent for people who want to totally relax, rejuvenate and detoxify the body whilst at the same time relieving painful tight spots and knots, balancing your mind and your body, soothing the nervous system, encouraging pent up stress and strains to simply float  away. From your crown to your toes your whole body is cared for. Come and enjoy a healing ritual unchanged for hundreds of years. It’s prayer for the body...

1 Hour Pregancy Lomi Lomi Massage $110

Experience the health benefits of Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Pregnancy Lomi Lomi. This beautiful massage is a blessing of care for both mother and child. On a specially designed table that allows you to lie face down, safe and supported, you will feel the benefits of this traditional Hawaiian Massage straight away. Immediately relaxing, it restores and rejuvenates, helping to minimise the negative affects of stress on mother and baby. The whole back of the body is carefully massaged to relieve tight spots, stress and tension. The body is slowly calmed and lulled into sedation as the flowing strokes of the Lomi Lomi soften, smooth and dissolve discomfort. Caring and nuturing it brings with it the message and blessing of Aloha.

1 Hour Post-natal Care Massage $110

In Hawaii the whole birth journey from conception to birth is considered sacred. In the old times, the physical and mental health of the Mother was guarded and cared for by the whole family. In non-Hawaiian communities, the Healers are the support for this caring role. Everyone wants to give the pregnant Mother a pre-natal gift but forget about the care needed afterwards. Change it up. Choose this one instead for new mothers in need of healing touch.


Extra Details

Gift Certificates: available for all treatments. Buy Gift Certificates online in the TrueStore and download an online certificate - a great option for last minute gifts. TN is committed to minimising our environmental imprint so we no longer offer hard copy Gift Certificates - it’s earth friendly digital for us. Please make sure you read the Terms & Conditions before you purchase your gift.

Payments: pay by credit card, EFTPOS at the time of your session

Comfort: Lightly fragranced herbs and essential oils infuse the air, nurturing and uplifting the spirit. The body rests warm and cosy upon a double-layered padded table dressed with imported linens.

Oil: Exotic and aromatic organic, cold pressed coconut oil of the finest quality soothes the skin, the body and the mind, leaving the entire body feeling refreshed, cleaned, nourished, invigorated and luminous

Hot Stones: Add a mini-treatment to your session $40. If you’re pregnant or have high blood pressure you can’t have Hot Stones in your treament.

Pregnancy Massage: Choose the 1 hour option. Generally includes the whole back of the body + neck and face but can be customised if there’s specific care needed.

Post-natal Care: ensure you have your Doctor’s OK before booking, especially if you have had a Caesarean delivery. The 2 Hour Lomi Lomi is also suitable for post-natal care.

Location: North Head Sanctuary Manly

Where all paths meet the sacred centre, Shaped by air, fire, earth and water, Worlds collide Earth meets Sky meets Sea, I find me…

Find True Nature North Head Sanctuary Manly. :Image NPWS

Find the True Nature Studio inside North Head Sanctuary Manly, about 3 minutes up the hill from Manly Corso, drive, catch the 135 bus or Hop, Skip Jump bus to Manly hospital and walk 100m to the Studio door.