Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage, Ho’oponopono, Energetic Healing - they’re the kind of healing therapies that just have to be experienced in order to really understand just how much good is being done for you. But, don't take our word for it - read what Clients say. Sometimes it’s hard to take the first step. These messages, gratefully received with aloha, are offered to encourage you to take your next step…

“I felt amazing after your beautiful healing massage Julia. I felt soo much lighter and rejuvenated. The days to follow were awesome and I even went into nature & down to the sea where I haven’t been for a long time. I’ve even been exercising, walking, streching movement. Thanks again for helping me” Roberta, Lomi Lomi Client

“Thanks for checking in. Everything is wonderful. Really loved the session” Laura, Ho’oponopono Client

“I’m releasing more and letting go of more. Thank you Julia I’m so grateful for your guidance and healing” Kristen, Ho’oponopono Client

“I have gained so much clarity out of the healing sessions” Kerry, Ho’oponopono Client

“It has been an intense period since I saw you but utlimately really positive. I owe this to myself. Thank you for everything” Bridget, Ho’oponopono Client

"Thank you so much for a wonderful massage on Friday - and of course the talk - I am feeling so much better. Back is no longer rigid" Louise, Balgowlah

"Anyway, I cannot tell you what a difference you made to both me and my daughter. Honestly, though, you were so incredibly helpful to us both. I am convinced that the benefits of my session with you have been felt over these past weeks and I feel SO much less stressed. I am not kidding, even my inflammation has been reduced and I am so CHILL! I only wish I could move to Manly so that I could be treated by you more often! Thank you again for your generous time and invaluable expertise." Laura, USA

"That was big shift for me last Friday thank you for your patience and great facilitating. Sinuses haven't stopped running this week still active. My friends say I look 10 years younger!! I have given them your card!" Heather, Ho'oponopono Client

"I really enjoyed my treatment and that's why I recommended it to the family of a friend. They absolutely loved it too!! It's very nice to have the blessing/ritual in the beginning and it's great to have a whole body massage. I also find it important that you were very clear when the session finished, as I had treatments before where the therapist wasn't clear and I was just lying there in the end thinking, 'am I supposed to get up now, or not'..." Ana, Freshwater

"All is well...thx again for the massage...I did notice the benefits of it" Kylie, Collaroy

"The Lomi Lomi was lovely and got me to take stock so to speak. I will definitely be interested in a repeat and will recommend you." Rosie, Manly

"Really enjoyed the Holistic experience. Had no problems post massage, was very relaxed and happy. Thank you very much." Erica, Allambie 

"Thank you so much for the session on Saturday morning - it has helped me so much. I am so much clearer on my path now. It has been a huge relief " Dee, Ho'oponopono Client

"The lomi lomi definitely fulfilled my intention to 'feel good', I felt GREAT in fact. I said to you after the treatment that it is the best oil massage I've ever had, and I've had a few. So, I wasn't simply saying that, I meant it. You have ruined me forever for other therapists, if I can't have a Julia lomi lomi, I'm not having an oil massage!" Ingrid, Beecroft

"I had a lovely massage thank you and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have recommended you to two other people and passed on your business cards." Linda, Mosman

"I had the perfect time in Manly, which I'm sure was catapulted from my experience with you. I feel much stronger in my sense of self and am making small but important life changes. All positive feedback here, you were amazing - very caring and kind...which is what I exactly needed!" Joanna, Sydney

"Thanks for the massage, I loved it. I had a big night of dreaming afterwards!" Jo, Manly

"I really enjoyed the massage – felt wonderful afterwards. I have emailed many of my friends and passed on your information to them and I am sure they will be contacting you to organise a massage in the not too distant future." Ann, Manly

"I absolutely loved the treatment I had with you.  I felt totally nurtured and that you were holistically looking after my mental and physical health and wellbeing." Deb, Manly

"I know that you know, but thank you - you are amazing. After my session Sunday I woke up Monday morning without a headache, the first morning in a month's time. And so it has continued." Anna, Manly

"The massage was amazing. I felt really, really relaxed afterwards. It was just perfect. The atmosphere felt great and I was 100% in the moment." Elyse, Manly

"What can I say other than it was a wonderful experience. I felt extremely comfortable and relaxed and found you to be very discreet and considerate. My massage definitely ranks in my top 10 experiences. I have been feeling really good both physically and emotionally since seeing you, so whatever you did helped on both levels!! It's exactly what my body and soul needed. Keep doing what you as it is truly a gift. As I mentioned after our session, your massage technique conjured up images of dolphins swimming in sea, a lovely feeling I will always remember." Fifi, Melbourne

"The Lomi Lomi massage was amazing, I felt fantastic afterwards. I would love to be able to visit you more often and I have recommended you to a few people." Vanessa, Manly

"I felt wonderful after the massage" Julia, Queenscliffe

"Quite a detox after the massage. Feeling great." Heather, Camden

"Just wanted to tell you that I sang in the shower for the first time in a month this morning! So happy to be moving and turning without pain. My skin is so soft from your coconut oil." Rachael, Kirribilli

"I felt wonderful after the Lomi Lomi, particularly 2 days later. Thank you very much for a wonderful experience." Yvette, Freshwater

"I felt soo great after the massage. Honestly it was one of the most nurturing experiences I have had...I have never felt so looked after and treated like a queen. I especially loved the use of hot stones and the warm towels....I think the power of touch is so amazing....I had such a huge rush of emotion at the end of the massage! Was a great experience for my first lomi lomi...had the perfect amount of pressure combined with relaxation for me." Nicola, Fairlight

"The massage was amazing and I have already passed your details to my friend. I felt good and enthused on the days following the massage. I've recognised now I need to slow down!" Kylie, Parramatta

"Thank you so much for your lovely massage.  You have a real gift and I was still floating the next day." Caroline, Collaroy

"Thank you I really enjoyed my treatment and felt great afterwards."Leesa, Manly

"The massage was an incredible experience and therapeutic on many levels. It made my birthday special. I found every detail thoughtful and careful and have already recommended you to many friends and colleagues who I think would appreciate the treatment." Gemma, Newport

"I felt so relaxed after the massage and really centred, again thank  you for making me feel so special and for the chat afterwards." Sarah, Allambie

"Thank you so much for a beautiful experience last Sunday - it has prompted me to consider making some changes in my life. We'll be sure to come back - it was wonderful! we especially loved all the little touches you had thought of." Danielle, Sutherland

"It was a beautiful massage (the best I have ever had). A great experience from start to finish." Raissa, Manly

"I can’t thank you enough, it was an amazing experience and for the first time in too long to count, I felt comfortable and confident in your hands.I feel really blessed to have met you and have no doubt that my journey with you can only make me a better person again, As I said, your amazing!" Sam, Curl Curl

"I was glad I did the Shamanic Journey.  I felt like loads of heavy stuff from lifetimes ago were lifted and I have been sending pink healing light as replacement in those areas which used to hold them.  I didn't realise how powerful drumming music can be. Also thank you for your insight as you journeyed with me.  You have great wisdom and gentleness in the way you conducted the session." Teresa, North Manly

"A note to thank you again for today's treatment. I feel relieved, revived and certainly better than I did when I strolled in." Karina, Manly

"Thank you SO much for the experience today! I had no idea of the time and cant thank you enough for spending so much time with me. It was wonderful, very releasing and relaxing and I will highly recommend you to everyone I know! (I cant even think of words to best describe the experience!). Jenny, Frenchs Forest

"Just wanted to let you know that I loved the Lomi experience and felt safe and cared for.The tenderness in my lower back was gone; my back is fine now." Alena, Netown

"Your massage was a lovely experience and I will definitely be a returning customer." Edwina, Edgcliffe

"Thanks so much for such an amazing experience!  I slept like a log that night - the best sleep I've had in a very long time! I've told anyone who will listen about how good it was." Kristine, Collaroy

"I had a lovely time, a marvellous service." Margie, Curl Curl

"I just wanted to extend my sincere thanks again for our session today.  Energetically I am feeling much more at peace. I also do not think it is a coincidence that I have received 4 referrals today-all leading to appointments booked.  Whatever has shifted in me has led to people finding who I am. I am still very much on this journey and will certainly want to do more work with you again soon." Jacqui, Manly

"I really enjoyed meeting you & found the session empowering with lots to consider & think about ( feel about)." Linda, Warriwood

"The last session was great, you really filled in a gap that I was struggling with, so will really help my meditations going forward anything like that come up again." Alison, Crows Nest

"I absolutely adored my treatment and I'll be back to see you next month!" Melissa, Allambie

"I had a very enjoyable massage and have already recommended you to friends.  You stand out from other places I’ve been.  I’ll certainly be back." Ruth, Gordon

"Thank you so much for your follow up Julia, back felt a lot better after the massage and the whole massage was a really lovely experience so once again thank you for making such a lovely experience and look forward to coming to see you again soon." Robyn, Balgowlah

"I would like to just say that I felt like a space cadet yesterday! It was so lovely I really wish that I could have done the 2 hr session. I loved the whole energy from you, the room and the surroundings. Amazing and have already started spreading the word." Taryn, Carringbah

"The Lomi Lomi was a beautiful experience and I am sure that I am continuing to feel the benefits of it as the days progress. I would love to come back at some stage soon for another wonderful experience. I had the best sleep ever on that night by the way. I would recommend the Lomi service you do to anyone for any reason at all!" Melissa, Dural

"What I love about Lomi Lomi is that it transports me to another plane. It is the most wonderful renewable source of energy – totally natural and so very powerful.   It is both emotionally and physically beneficial in every way.  I was blown away with the hands-on technique and the charge of life-force connection with another human being that could give so much pleasure and relaxation with every stroke……..massage done with love in the heart is how I would describe it. Thank you Julia! Jennifer, Curl Curl

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