The breath carries our divine essence; The ancient Polynesians called it the HA - In the presence of the divine breath of life We are ALOHA And all is in right in our world…

To be Pa'a is to have a strong, unshakeable foundation upon which you can build, layer by layer, a rich, warm and deep understanding of yourself and all things in this Universe, so you can find your way through life better and feel happier, more loving, more peaceful.

Spirituality is part of you, right down to your bones, and something you live moment by moment. It's not something you do, it's something you are and recognising this in yourself and in all things in this Universe, leads you into a place of profound knowing, or intuition.

When you are not Pa’a, that is, when your foundation is weak, you become rattled by life’s challenges and situations. The Mana (the Spirit Energy) cannot flow to you or from you, so you feel alone. In a Healing Session you learn to open your Aka Cord (translucent line of communication you have with all things in this Universe) as wide as possible and free it of blockages so the Mana can flow. Over time, the more Mana you build, the wider the channel becomes, so Akua (the Higher Being or Spirit), sends through as much Mana as you can hold. 

In a Spiritual Healing Session you are led into understanding the many realms of existence as they are presented to us through the teachings of our Ancestors.

Praise - Mahalo

Be sure...

"Wow, this weekend I feel like a new person. It feels like a lot of the "stuff" I have been carrying around has lifted." Dee, Fairlight

Do it right...

“I feel much stronger in my sense of self and am making small but important life changes. All positive feedback here, you were amazing - very caring and kind...which is what I exactly needed!" Joanna, Sydney

Feel confident...

I felt like loads of heavy stuff from lifetimes ago were lifted…Also thank you for your insight as you journeyed with me.  You have great wisdom and gentleness in the way you conducted the session.” Teresa, Manly


Energetic Healing - The Sensoria 1 hour

The Sensoria is energetic and spiritual healing. The Sensoria is a 1 hour sensory aria to restore balance and harmony to your life. This special energetic bodywork treatment is a magical, multi-sensory fusion of traditional hands-on healing, energy balancing, crystal vibrational healing, aromatherapy and sound to alleviate stress, tension, reduce pain and free emotional  blocks.

It’s a magical, blissful one hour of focused energetic healing that balances and harmonises the body's energy and power centres, removes energetic distortions and clears the body's energy fields. An exciting fusion of therapies designed to relieve, soothe, rejuvenate and rebalance.

Create your own Sensorial Surrender by adding a 1 Hour Traditional Old Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi to your treatment or just extend the healing and make it two hours of healing time…


Extra Details

Add Lomi Lomi: some people turn it into a 2 hour Sensorial Surrender by adding a 1 hour Lomi Lomi. Cost for the 2 Hour Surrender: $170

Payment: pay for your session at the time of your Treatment by credit card or EFTPOS 

Gift Buying: Gift Certificates are available - only buy it as a gift if you’re sure your gift recipient is into Energetic Healing. Otherwise, choose Lomi Lomi instead

More Spiritual Healing: Lomi Lomi is spiritual and energetic healing too through physical touch. Ho’oponopono is spiritual healing through mental cleansing - extracting everything that creates conflict within you so you are free to proactively create and live life with unconiditonal love, harmony and happiness - the way our traditional teachings tell us life is meant to be…